Pertinent Info

Below are phone numbers, websites and information sheets that can be used in an emergency, or make it easy to find out what's happening in the neighborhood and City.

Tips About Crime in Olympia's Northeast Neighborhoods

•  In the ONNA neighborhoods (Bigelow, Bigelow highlands, Upper Eastside, Northeast and East Bay Drive), there is very little violent crime. The biggest problems here are home break-ins and car-prowls.

Car prowls are easy to prevent: just lock your car doors, don't leave valuables in the car, and keep your front porch light on at night

Home Burglaries were more common until 2015, but in response to an ONNA program, have been cut to less than half. Here is an article, which may help you do what's possible to prevent burglaries at your home and neighbors' homes.

To see a current (8/6/19) detailed crime report for the BNA, go here.

Anti-Crime Tips:

1. Go to this link on the ONNA site to get educated about crime trends in our area and what you can do about it 

2.Thanks to Beth Milton, here are some tips about preventing Residential Burglary, Vehicle Prowls and Best Practices 1 and 2

Neighborhood Maintenance: What are you responsible for?

In order for homeowners not to be legally liable for people getting hurt on their property or the sidewalk in front of their house, City Code Enforcement has a few requirements. To see the City brochure, go here. A quick list :

• Dangers on your property

• Garbage or recycling accumulation on your property

• Inoperable or unlicensed vehicle (or boat) over 30 days

• More than 3 dogs, cats or chickens

 • Vegetation encroaching on sidewalk, signs or street

• Snow on sidewalk or broken sidewalk

• Structure meets minimum exterior standards

• Building without a City permit

See pictures below!How is this incredible magic trick done? See here!

MAGIC TRICK!! At left, curb and sidewalk are NOT GRUBBED. At right; GRUBBED!! Learn this magic trick here.