Our Zoning

Zoning: In the Bigelow Neighborhood, we have 4 code designations shown below on the map. The orange outline below shows BNA boundaries. The colored areas designate the four zones within our boundaries. Make sure you know what kinds of construction are allowed near your house by reading the development standards below (they are summarized to just a few pages).

Although the Missing Middle ordinance has been invalidated for now (see details here), if it is reinstated, new code summaries will be posted on this page. IF it is reinstated as is, our single-family zoning (R-4-8) disappears, and duplexes, tri-plexes, four-plexes, 12-unit townhouse buildings and 12-unit cottage developments will be allowed. This will dramatically increase the chances of house tear-downs for replacement with higher-profit investorrental housing.

1.   R-4-8      This means 4 to 8 living units can be built per acre  (most of the neighborhood)

2.   RM-18     This means condo or apartment buildings with up to 18 units per acre (on East bay Drive)

3.   PO-RM    This means Professional Office-Residential Multifamily (on State between Plum and Eastside Streets)

4.    HDC-1    This means high-density Corridor-1 (on State between Eastside and Tullis Sts)

See Residential Development Standards for details on R-4-8 and RM-18

See Commercial Development Standards for details on PORM and HDC-1


The BNA belongs to Olympia Northeast Neighborhoods Alliance (ONNA). Made up of East Olympia neighborhood associations north of State Avenue, ONNA's purpose is to survey and involve its residents to decide how the City will spend money and develop our area. To learn more, go to the ONNA website.